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PhotoSynth - A new 'tool' for estate agents?

This Sunday I was scanning the Gadgets supplement in the Sunday Times on my iPAD and came across this latest photographic offering from Microsoft. A free download of Photosynth to your iPhone and away you go creating panoramas and 'Synths'. The product reminds me of something we dabbled with in the early '90's called iPIX. This involved a fish eye lens attached to a digital camera and you took 2 hemispherical photos of a room (imagine standing at the centre of a tennis ball). The 2 photos were then stitched together using some software which you could then upload to the web. I eventually grasped how to add it to a web page but it wasn't easy - or quick. This came to an end when the original iPIX company went bust. The simplicity of Photosynth and the ability to upload to your Facebook page as well as it being hosted on means this could be a winner - certainly when compared with iPIX! I'm going to have a go and report back on my next blog post


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Canvassing For Business

I can remember back in 1990/91 when I was with the forerunner of this firm (my god that's nearly 20 years ago!) that we were in the middle of a property market down turn that I personally believe was far worse than the current one. Osbornes Property Services as we were then called was suffering from a serious lack of income that also had a root in a serious lack of good saleable property to sell.

We were new, very professional, very keen, very hardworking and very keen to please but no one had heard of us. Our marketing budget was limited - we were skint to be truthful! What did we do? Well we set about making people aware of us by 'canvassing'. I wrote letters to other agents vendors, I dropped leaflets, we advertised as imaginatively as possible saying that even in that market we needed property for sale. Did it work? Yes to a degree and we certainly wound up some of the more established local estate agents who were not keen to lose instructions to newcomers like us.

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There was an e-mail from Colin Clayton of Desk Centre Limited talking about a £10,000 office refit and all I had to do was create a blog post suggesting why my office should be the one to receive it! What an opportunity - here I am laid up for two weeks before I can mobilise on crutches and my office certainly would benefit from a revamp in 2013.

Like most surviving, small, independent estate agents we have done this by cutting costs, reducing premises and regrettably letting staff go. Our address used to be 20-22 Market Place but is now 20 Market Place only. We originally moved to No.20 from our first premises in Newnham Street in 1993- my then business par…