Monday, August 1, 2011

Newsletter Now Out, plus Facebook Page

We have just made a major investment in reaching out to homebuyers and sellers by launching our 'intelligent' newsletter which recipients can tailor to their own interests by choosing the subject areas that they want to read about. The company we have partnered with to produce this is BriefYourMarket who have a highly effective relationship with our estate agency software provider, ExpertAgent, who enabled  data from the last 5 years to be available. Obviously the initial 'test' send out whittled numbers down from over 5,000+ e-mail addresses to more manageable numbers to actually receive the newsletter. The last thing we want to do is upset people by sending them e-mails that could be construed as 'spam' and from hereon only people who subscribe or remain subscribed will receive it.

I'm interested to learn if anyone has a particular subject that they would like one of our contributing writers to talk about. Send your requests to and we'll see what we can do.

We have had a presence on Facebook for quite a while now but the original company page has now been dismantled in favour of the new professionally created page that incorporates a 'property search' function. We'd like to get everyone switched over to this page. A search for 'David Clark and Co' will find it. As we list new properties for sale or to rent we'll be featuring some of them here. Anyone who is really keen to buy or rent should sign up to make sure they find out about properties as early as possible. Don't worry, we'll still be phoning you, e-mailing and texting too!

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