Sunday, November 25, 2007

Your Next Home From My Blackberry

The idea of being subscribed to a blog is to receive information that is relevant to your interest as early as possible.

When I'm out and about visiting properties that often come onto the market I can get this information into the public domain very quickly, in fact, there and then. This post came from my Blackberry - easy as that!

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Switch on the lights!

There is a new feel and look to the double front office window of David Clark & Company estate agents on Market Place in Ely. The windows have always been well lit in the early evening but David had become concerned about the heat generated by the spotlamps and the obvious energy wastage. In addition some of the bulb holders had disintegrated with the heat so bulbs could not be replaced.
In conjunction with a local electrical wholesaler the window spot lights have been re-fitted with low energy LED lamps which produce the same, if a different colour, light. The original lamps were 50 watts per bulb and the new LEDs are only 1.5 watts. This should result in some energy savings and lower bills.
The introduction of Home Information Packs has had an impact on people’s focus on energy use within their home as a Domestic Energy Assessor calls to provide an indication of a property’s current energy use and it’s potential after any improvement to insulation etc. David said “This got me thinking about how we could do as much as we could in the office for the environment , with the spin-off of cheaper bills.” Other measures have included ensuring that all PC’s are completely shut down at night.
Home Information Packs have been extended to 1+ bedroom homes from the 14th December and these smaller homes will then be showing details of their energy efficiency to prospective buyers. The likely purchasers for properties at this end of the market will be financially hard pressed first time buyers so the energy efficiency of a home may well become more of an issue when they decide on which property to buy.
David Clark & Company have teamed up with Aran Services Ltd to offer free insulation surveys and in some cases there may well be grants available towards the work. Call them on 0800 5877795 and quote David Clark & Co.