Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How Resilient Are We to the 'Cuts'?

It feels to me like the UK property market is holding it's breath waiting for the public spending cuts to finally be announced. In a late August blogpost I stated my irritation that the cuts were announced but not going to be implemented or details given until October.

Well, in advance of the actual announcements, the BBC have created a page on their website where you can check out how resilient your area may be. This is based on a number of factors to create to a figure between 1 and 324. 1 being most resilient and 324 least.

East Cambridgeshire scores 45 whilst nearby Fenland 235 and South Cambridgeshire 10!

Check out the site here: http://bbc.in/aY28rC

Sash Windows On Older Homes

At the last minute we are getting our sash windows painted this week. The windows are hardwood replicas of the original Victorian ones, complete with sash cords and brass pulley wheels and were made by R S Button Joinery in 2003. This is the second time they have been painted since then so I feel they were a good investment. Luckily we were able to use the old-style narrow gap double glazed units to keep the style correct and not have over-large glazing bars. English Heritage have advice on sash windows  here http://bit.ly/aQVYOH

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Home Selling Tips & Suggestions

This article was published in the Telegraph and is headlined 

Tips for selling your house this summer

I think the comments and tips hold good for the Autumn while we wait for the 'Cuts'  and really any other season of the year there is something to glean from this collection of agent's suggestions.