Thursday, November 6, 2008

What a Rate!

The Bank of England today announced 1.5% off base rate down to 3% and that's the lowest since before I was born in 1957!! I have never seen a graph of base rates that looks like this and I only hope that the High Street banks and Building Societies now feel able to pass on some of this cut, but it will depend on the rates at which they lend money to each other.

Thinking out loud maybe people should think about investing in property now that borrowing is getting cheaper and houses are all such good value!

Follow this link to see Hometracks latest stats

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Positive News!

In line with my philosophy of not being negative (realistic but not negative!) I have good news to report on the month of October 2008.
We sold more homes in October 2008 than we did in October 2007.

Now I don’t suppose that will make headlines in the national papers or the BBC but it is an encouraging sign and I think has been brought about by a number of factors:

· Sellers becoming realistic about asking / selling prices.
· Persistent, but not harassing, sales techniques.
· First time buyers being encouraged to buy by attainable lower prices.
· A mortgage service from Independent Financial Advisers, Bright Mortgage Advice that’s second to none.

If anyone reading this would like to benefit from our approach to selling homes then please call us or call in at Market Place – we’d love to help you move!