Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Try video again?

Does anyone remember way back in the days of VHS and Betamax when agents tried to use property videos to help sell and market properties? Most won't even remember those competing file types - a bit like Blueray trying to take over now really.

My youngest son is still a skateboarder at the ripe old age of 21 and he used to steal my video camera to get his mates to record some of his tricks and jumps etc. The inevitable happened and he dropped the £1,000 plus camera doing so much damage it was a write off. Being about 17 at the time he decided to just conceal the camcorder from his Dad and just hope I forgot about it. Well, he was right, I did - for quite a long time. Until I started to think about getting property back on to the web in video. I did a few short clips with my £100 Flip Mino to use via Youtube but was always a little frustrated at the amount of panning that had to go on - made you feel a bit seasick! Then I remembered the original video camera with the wide angle lens. Oh dear, the air was blue!

The wide angle lens was recovered and is now fitted to a new Sony courtesy of their latest trade-in deal - bit like the car scrappage scheme only my trade-in was scrap before it got to the shop!

I'm just starting to relearn the art of editing etc so here is my first little foray back into the amateur property videoing scene:


Thank goodness Youtube is free!
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