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Happy Sellers and Buyers!

I just had to display this for everyone to see! Yvonne has been very stressed during this transaction so conveyancing solicitors will need to bear with her...

Sent: 16 June 2011 18:15
To: Barbara Harding
Subject: re our exchange

Thank you to you and David for the little extra support you gave me
latterly in the process it was much appreciated.  We were afflicted
with just about very problem you can get in a conveyance..except
someone dropping down dead !  I dont know that everybody knows
everything which gummed up the works along the way but certainly I
now have a very clear idea of what is good and bad in legal and
estate business.  YOU and Barbara Brooker were great and even a
Hertford estate agent I met on the way called Senel Ibrahim (of
Lanes) rang me up at intervals to ask how we were getting on..we were
hoping to buy in Hertford initially but the properties went up too
much in price.
In theory every property should have its own  one to one manager 24/7
but in practice I suppose this is not possible a lot of the time
especially in larger agencies.  It certainly would improve things
though if solicitors all informed their clients more often and
truthfully...there again buyers dont always play the game either as I
have seen.
 I have been in an advantaged position of  being able to access all
parties (with perseverance) without the restrictions of law and
ethical practice imposed upon the professionals.  I fully realise
this and am aware that your role is somewhat more
must be very frustrating for you doing this stuff sometimes if nobody
will tell you anything or the buyers are thick.

I hope you have an increasingly successful year and that the property
market goes back to its usual buzzing self very soon.  I am also so
glad you sold my friend Mary's house in Beresford Road..relatively
quickly too...she has been very unwell and needs an easier place to
maintain.  I tried to chemically burn out the bamboo in her garden
and it was a difficult job..did the developers think it was a
resettlement area for pandas?  Nobody plants that stuff anywhere but
in pots or the garden is lost.  I think solicitors and developers
need solicitor is better than most though even she was
getting ratty towards the end- perhaps we all were.

Best Wishes



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