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Bulletin from STL Group plc: Mortgage lenders say yes to personal searches

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Subject: Bulletin from STL Group plc: Mortgage lenders say yes to personal searches

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The number of mortgage lenders who accept personal searches is increasing, indicating growing confidence in their quality now that local authority searches contain identical data. 
This list is likely to grow further following a "rigorous and detailed investigation" by the Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB) into the level of compliance with the HIP Regulations and the Search Code. The results show that searches were "substantially compliant" and that personal searches are as good, if not better than searches carried out by local authorities, and significantly superior to those produced by non-subscribers to the Search Code.   


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With searches continuing to compete on efficiency and price, we believe that standards will become more important and a key differentiator if HIPs are scrapped.  


To ensure you and your clients have faith in the information you receive, and for a guarantee of quality and standards, make sure your search provider is registered with the PCCB and your search carries the Search Code. 
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For information on pricing and turnaround times, or to order a local authority search - whether a personal search or one conducted by the local authority - visit our website or call 01483 715355 or email us.  


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