Thursday, May 29, 2008

David Moss of Vertical View called on us at exactly the right time as we were looking for a way to show off the last 3 remaining apartments at The Hoist off The Vineyards in Ely. The development of apartments by Freshwater Estates (UK) Ltd are within about 2 minutes walk of the Market Place and all that central Ely has to offer including the Cathedral. What we wanted was an image that would show this relationship with the central amenities without the slightly strange perspective of Google Earth or the extortionate costs of hiring a helicopter to take the pictures.

David Clark was involved in the marketing of Freshwater’s development of ‘Barton Gate’ on Cambridge Road, Ely about 4 years ago and with Jeremy Nicholson, the MD of Freshwater, braved a platform on the front of a site teleporter to achieve a semi aerial view of this development. What has been achieved by David Moss with his specially adapted van is an infinitely variable viewing platform for the camera, at a height of up to about 100 feet above the ground. David Clark daren’t get that high above the ground and only hold on to a camera!

The Vertical View van was positioned in two locations and the mast extended. The camera is then manipulated by remote control with the images being viewed in ‘realtime’from within the van on a PC. When the image is considered right a mouse-click saves it to disk. David Moss can create a DVD of high resolution images straight away and David Clark & Company were in receipt of their pictures about 20 minutes after the ‘shoot’ was finished. Our web site is displaying these and we intend to use them as the basis for the next series of advertisments.

If you feel that your home sale would be enhanced by pictures that show more than just a flat view then call David Clark on Ely 665020 and he’ll be pleased to visit and see how the Vertical View photography can be put to work achieving interest and selling your home. David Moss is based in Little Thetford near Ely and is easily accessible for assignments.
(m) 07766 591110
(Tel:) 01353 649133

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